3 Ways To Increase Seminal Fluid And Boost Semen Volume

3 Ways To Increase Seminal Fluid And Boost Semen Volume

Male sexuality, contrary to what everyone thinks is not only limited to its appearance such as shape and size range but also the volume of semen produced by the reproductive system. Seminal fluid contains spermatozoa, capable of fertilizing the female’s eggs. Once, seminal fluid comes in contact with female reproductive organs, it stimulates ovulation. 

Semen is thus an important component in aiding conceiving and many males wonder if they produce enough seminal fluid to make their partner conceive. If you have been suffering from low ejaculation and are concerned about how to fix it, here are 3 ways to increase seminal fluid

What Are The 3 Ways To Increase Seminal Fluid? 

According to experts, during ejaculation, the average amount of semen released is about one teaspoon which can contain 20-150 million sperms. A normal volume of seminal fluid is important to enter through acidic vaginal secretions. However, one’s manhood is completely independent of the volume of seminal fluid ejection. One might look for ways to increase seminal fluid as it tends to be better for fertility. Here are 3 ways to increase seminal fluid in males.

1] Hydrate Yourself 

Water makes up one-third of our body and is an essential component for the proper functioning of our body. The semen production in the testicles surprisingly depends on your water intake. Lack of water or dehydration can reduce the production of seminal fluid. To fix the issue of dehydration, hydrate your body by drinking 2 to 3 liters of water every day or else opt for a drink that contains electrolytes in it. 

Major electrolytes like potassium, sodium, magnesium, and choline are vital nutrients for absorption into the body and are proven to maintain an erection, thus increasing seminal discharge. In the absence of enough water, less blood flow can even cause erectile dysfunction. Even though dehydration might not look to be a major issue in one of 3 ways to increase seminal fluid, it is important to maintain erection and fertility. 

2] Consume Fruits And Other Foods That Is Rich In Zinc

According to studies, zinc is associated with sperm quality, concentration, and mortality. It is found in great amounts in seminal fluid and is an essential mineral for folate and sperm formation. Having foods with high zinc content not only positively influences the factors that are directly related to male fertility but also achieve overall sperm health. 11 mg is the daily recommended consumption value for zinc. 

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This nutrient can be found in food sources such as Oysters, Beef, Chicken, Yoghurt, Mushrooms, etc. Several male health supplements contain zinc as their main ingredient due to their ability to protect sperm from damaging effects caused by toxins. Moreover, there have been numerous studies that associate the relationship between zinc and male fertility. So, one must consider incorporating a zinc-rich diet into their lifestyle. 

3] Do Not Take Exercise Lightly 

Regular exercise is another of the 3 ways to increase seminal fluid, as one’s lifestyle is one of the most important factors that affects the volume of seminal fluid. In fact, English and Chinese literature stresses exercise treatment for increasing seminal liquid. There has been a link found between exercising three to five days a week with better sperm quality. Combining healthy food habits with regular and appropriate exercise is the most proven method to deal with low seminal fluid. 

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Kegel exercises, pelvic exercises, cycling, lunges, leg presses, and squats, help to strengthen muscles and flush testicles with fresh blood, producing a greater amount of semen. Work out for at least 4-5 days a week, focusing more on leg exercises, and you will tend to see improvements in semen production. Strength training is found to increase testosterone in males along with enhancing blood flow to the testicles. 

Things To Avoid To Increase Seminal Fluid

Besides the 3 ways to increase seminal fluid mentioned above, there are other points that you must keep in mind as well. 

1] Drinking Too Often

Alcohol is known to have adverse effects on the liver and prolonged consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces the ability of the liver to regenerate cells, but is not only limited to that. It also affects one’s sperm quality by altering sperm count, mobility, shape, and size. Though, occasional drinking is fine don’t overdo it. 

2] Avoid Wearing Too Tight Clothes 

This might come as a surprise but your dressing style can also affect your semen quality. If you want to increase your semen production, then tight clothing must be avoided if you wear it regularly. Wearing body-hugging outfits increases the scrotal temperature affecting your semen production and declining sperm count. 

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3] Do Not Rely Much On Chemical Semen Enhancers

Most people depend on chemical semen enhancers to increase seminal fluid but it is not a good practice. Chemical enhancers can have harmful elements like lead, arsenic, and mercury added to them. A great alternative to such supplements is natural semen enhancers that fulfill the purpose of enhancing seminal fluid without exposing it to harmful elements. 


If you are concerned about your semen production relating to its volume or quality, you must try to bring changes in your lifestyle and dietary choices. The above-mentioned 3 ways to increase seminal fluid are some natural ways to improve your semen production. Having a balanced meal, focusing on food items high in zinc, and limiting alcohol consumption, etc. can bring a significant change in your seminal fluid production. 



Q1. Is zinc important to increase seminal fluid?

Yes, zinc is an important component in increasing seminal fluid, as found by studies and research. Go for foods that have high zinc content to increase the level of testosterone and better production of semen. 

Q2. What things to avoid to increase seminal fluid?

Do not indulge in alcohol consumption, smoking, wearing tight clothes, and consuming chemical pills for enhancing semen. They can hinder the growth of semen production in your reproductive system. 

Q3. Which exercises are beneficial in increasing seminal fluid? 

Leg exercises, strength training, Kegel exercises, etc. are highly beneficial in increasing seminal fluid as they tend to increase the levels of testosterone.


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