How to get better at warding League

How to get better at warding league
How to get better at warding league

Warding is a crucial aspect of gameplay in League of Legends, providing vision control and enabling map awareness. Effective warding can provide your team with strategic advantages such as preventing ganks, securing objectives, and tracking enemy movements. However, many players struggle with warding, either placing wards in ineffective locations or neglecting to ward altogether. In this article, we will provide you with tips and strategies on how to get better at Warding League.

What is a warding league ?

Warding in League of Legends refers to the placement of wards, a type of item that provides vision and map awareness. Warding is an essential aspect of gameplay, as it enables players to track enemy movements, prevent ganks, secure objectives, and gain strategic advantages. Effective warding requires careful consideration of placement and timing, as well as communication and coordination with your team. As a fundamental skill for all roles, mastering warding is essential for success in League of Legends.

Why is Warding Important in League of Legends?

Warding is crucial in League of Legends for several reasons:

Vision Control: Warding provides vision control, enabling players to see and track enemy movements on the map. This information is crucial for avoiding ganks, preventing enemy advances, and securing objectives.

Map Awareness: Effective warding provides map awareness, allowing players to make informed decisions about where to go, when to engage, and when to retreat.

Strategic Advantages: Well-placed wards can provide strategic advantages, such as spotting enemy rotations, tracking jungle paths, and securing vision around objectives.

Team Coordination: Warding requires communication and coordination with your team. Properly placed wards can provide your team with important information, allowing for better decision-making and overall team performance.

In short, warding is essential for gaining a competitive edge and achieving success in League of Legends.

Becoming a Warding Pro: League of Legends Strategies

In the realm of competitive gaming, how to get better at warding League of Legends stands as a strategic titan. Elevating your gameplay beyond the basics requires a deep dive into nuanced aspects like warding. Effective warding isn’t solely about map vision; it’s a tactical approach that demands understanding and finesse.

  • Warding Wisdom: Mastering League of Legends’ intricacies begins with understanding vision zones. Strategic ward placements in high-traffic areas and around objectives are pivotal.
  • Control the Map: Warding isn’t a solitary effort – it’s about team control. Deny your adversaries’ vision through well-timed sweeping of key locations.
  • Objectives and Opportunities: Successful warding encompasses objectives like Baron and Dragon. Timely vision here can sway outcomes significantly.
  • Strategic Insights: Efficient warding requires adapting to ever-evolving dynamics. Stay updated with game changes and adapt your strategies accordingly.
  • Learn from Experts: Observing professional players can unravel advanced warding techniques and positioning strategies.
  • Communication Counts: Coordination with your team amplifies your warding’s impact. Sharing your vision plans enables well-coordinated movements.
  • Skin the Difference: Unique ward skins can play mind tricks, diverting enemy attention and securing your vision network.

Mastering warding in League of Legends is a journey. Dedication to these strategies refines your decision-making, leading to triumphs on the battlefield. The path to becoming a warding pro is illuminated by keen insights and strategic finesse, setting you on a course toward victory.

Exploring the Different Types of Wards in League of Legends

Wards are essential items in League of Legends that provide vision and map awareness. There are several types of wards available in the game, each with its own unique properties and benefits:

Stealth Wards 

The most common type of ward, Stealth Wards are invisible to enemies and provide vision in a small radius for a limited time.

Control Wards 

Control Wards provide vision and reveal nearby invisible wards and traps. They also disable enemy wards and traps for a short time.

Farsight Alteration 

Available to players at level 9, Farsight Alteration provides vision in a long-range beam, revealing a large area of the map for a short time.

Oracle Lens 

Oracle Lens reveals and disables nearby enemy wards and traps, making it an essential tool for clearing vision and denying enemy information.

Blue Trinket 

Blue Trinket provides long-range vision, revealing a large area of the map for a short time. It is useful for scouting and checking objectives from a safe distance.

Each type of ward has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important for players to understand how to use them effectively to gain vision control and strategic advantages.

How can I improve my ward score?

Improving your ward score in League of Legends can be achieved by focusing on vision control and implementing effective warding strategies. Here are some tips to improve your ward score:

Consistently buy and place wards 

Make it a habit to purchase and place wards regularly, especially around key objectives such as Dragon and Baron.

Think strategically

Place wards in strategic locations to gain maximum vision control. For example, warding jungle entrances or brushes can provide crucial information on enemy movements.

Sweep enemy vision 

Use Control Wards and Sweeping Lenses to clear enemy wards and gain vision control over key areas.

Communicate with your team 

Coordinate with your team on where to place wards and when to sweep enemy vision.

Pay attention to the minimap 

Keep an eye on the minimap to track enemy movements and anticipate ganks. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your ward score and contribute to your team’s success in League of Legends. 


In conclusion, warding is a crucial aspect of gameplay in League of Legends. Effective warding provides vision control, map awareness, and strategic advantages, enabling players to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Understanding the different types of wards, How to get better at warding League and how to use them effectively is key to achieving success in the game. By implementing the tips and strategies outlined in this article, players can improve their warding game and contribute to their team’s success. Remember, warding is not just the job of the support, but of every player on the team. So, Practice your warding skills, communicate with your team, and secure vision control to dominate the Rift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the different types of wards in League of Legends?

Ans: The different types of wards include Stealth Wards, Control Wards, and Farsight Alteration.

Q2: What is the importance of vision control in League of Legends?

Ans: Vision control allows players to gather information on enemy movements, prevent ganks, and secure objectives.

Q3:How do you ward the top lane?

Ans: To ward top lane, place wards in river bushes or the enemy jungle entrance. Use Control Wards to clear enemy vision and prevent ganks.

Q4:What is the average vision score for ADC?

Ans: There is no set average vision score for ADCs in League of Legends. It can vary depending on the game situation and team strategy.


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